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Park & Reserve
Posted on May 3rd, 2013

The Board made the decision last month to keep the Park and Reserve locked due to the number of non-residents using this area.  All property owners were sent a letter this week from the manangement company.  A form was enclosed to be signed by the property owner and either mailed or emailed to Kelly, the address and email address can be found on the letter.  When this is recieved a lock code will be sent out.  An email address or current phone number will allow the Association to save money in sending out the code.  This code will be changed as needed, so be sure to keep your information current with the Association and Management Company.
The purpose behind this is to keep this area safe for our residents and we ask that you enter and lock the gate behind you and then unlock and lock again as you leave.  We have always had a sign down there, but it has not been working as a deterrent to non-residents.  We do not want to go to the expense of fencing, but it may be necessary if this first measure doesn't solve our issues.  Please help us keep the Park and Reserve safe for our residents and their children!  
We also ask that everyone who uses the Park and Reserve respect the property.  If the ground is wet, please use vehicles judiciously.  Do not make tracks in the ballfield area, but keep vehicles on the road. Let's all join together to respect our Park and Reserve to maintain it for generations to come.