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Electronic Directory 2013 - Register Now
Posted on Feb 1st, 2013

There will no longer be a paper directory.  All residents will be listed in the online directory with the same information that is in the last printed directory, minus children's names. Only names, address and phone numbers will be entered.  However, the only residents to have acces to the  directory are the members who have registered and received a password.  This is a much more secure directory as it is only available to those who have a password to the secure portion of our website.
If you want access to the directory you can register and a random password will be sent to you after verification that you are a property owner in Brazos Country and we will then delete the automatic entry or you can send in your email address through the "How can we help you" field under the Contact Us tab on the website and, again, after verification a random password will be sent to your email address.  Once you have logged in you can change your username or password, add aditional phone numbers and/or children to your entry.
If you want to have a printed directory for beside your phone, it is easy to do.  This will be an abbreviated list that includes only the resident names, stree address and home or first number listed when registering.  Once you are logged in you can go to Directory, at the bottom of page show List All, go to edit on your browser and hit print!  Or you can go to web directory each time you want to look up a number or to get further family, email or phone numbers.