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Decoration Winners Christmas 2014
Posted on Dec 15th, 2014

And the winners are in!  There are many beautifully decorated homes in our community this year and the neighborhood was all aglow last night for the judging!   It wasn't easy for the judges, but they finally agreed on the following:
Best Lighting - 419 Standing Oaks - Vincent and Laurie Andrews
Best Traditional - 414 Brazos Hill Ln - Bobby and Kathleen Thomas
Holy Cow (Best Religious) - 205 Brazos Hill Ln. - Robert and Debbie Fait
Most Unique - 510 Brazos Hill Ln - William and Pamela Schneider
WOW (Grand Prize) 110 Brazos Hill Ln - Alan and Vauna Rasmussen
The Yard Signs will be appearing in their yards and their prizes delivered as soon as Santa's elves can get it done!  Be sure to drive through the neighborhood and see these and all of the other beautiful decorations and congratulate your neighbors!