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Volunteer Firefighters Needed
Posted on Oct 26th, 2014

The San Felipe / Frydek fire department is seeking dedicated volunteers for both daytime and night time firefighters. No prior training required.
 We have 2 fire stations: Station 1 in San Felipe, Tx (FM 1458 North) and Station 2 in Frydek, Tx (FM 1458 South)
What does a Volunteer Firefighter do?
Extinguish fires of all types (structure, vehicle, and brush/wild land)
Provide first responder emergency medical care to the sick and injured 
Perform Search and Rescue for missing and trapped occupants
Respond to traffic collisions and perform technical rescue    
Respond to hazardous materials incidents
Clean and maintain fire apparatus/equipment and stations
Training (your education never ends)
Public Education.  As a firefighter you will be involved with educating the public in fire and home safety 
What are the physical demands on a Volunteer Firefighter?
The physical demands on the body of a firefighter are astronomical. The average weight of gear a firefighter wears is 50lbs. The average body core temperature of a firefighter goes from a normal 98.6 to 104 degrees after performing a normal workload at a fire scene. Firefighting requires you to work with hand tools and equipment (usually in adverse conditions). The normal workload at a fire would be the equivalent of running a 1.5-mile stretch without stopping.
What physical and mental stresses does a Volunteer FIrefighter endure?
Stress plays a major role in a firefighters life. Stress affects a firefighter in the form of short term and long-term stress. Some examples of this stress are: Your family may not understand you having to leave to respond to a call at a moments notice. Also firefighters have to perform immediately (there is no warm up time). As a Firefighter you will be exposed to constant hazards on every emergency call.
Visit our website www.sfvfd.org for more information, Click recruiting tab for application!