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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How many homes are in the subdivision of Brazos Country?
    There are 183 homes located in Sections 1-5 as of February, 2012.
  • How long has Brazos Country the Subdivision been here?
    Since 1978. Josey Oil Company, the developer, bought 650 acres of the 1,000 acre Chew Ranch owned by the Paul Chew Family.  The large billboard with Texas flags went up at the corner of Chew Rd and I-10 announcing lots for sale. Land was $10,000 per acre and Josey Oil Co. financed it at 10% interest.  The roads were immediately built in Sections 1-4.  Section 5 development began in 1990 some twelve years later.
  • Is Brazos Country a Subdivision or a City?
    The answer is both.  The City of Brazos Country encompasses land on both sides of Chew Rd from I-10 to Sodolak Lane and all of Sections 1-5 East to the Brazos River for a total of 2 square miles.  Brazos Country the Subdivision consists of 650 acres and only includes Sections 1-5 East of Chew Rd to the Brazos River.
  • Where was the very first house built in Brazos Country?
    108 Winding Creek Ct. was built in 1979 by the Rush Family.
  • Why and how did Brazos Country become a city?
    The threat of annexation by the City of Sealy caused the community to hold an election to decide whether to incorporate Brazos Country as a city. Brazos Country became a city in 2000 and John Williams was elected the city's first Mayor.
  • Who owns the water system in Brazos Country?
    The City of Brazos Country owns it.
  • Is River Ridge Golf Course a private golf course for Brazos Country?
    River Ridge Golf Course is closed!
    No, it's a public course and not owned by Brazos Country.  It is however located within the City of Brazos Country.
  • How and when did the golf course get built here?
    Until 1997 The Chew Ranch was still in operation with cattle and horses roaming the remaining 350 acres of land along Chew Rd and extending between Sections 1-4 and Section 5 all the way to the Brazos River.  George Bishop and some limited partners purchased this last remaining part of the ranch in 1997 with plans to design and build a beautiful 27-hole golf course along the river.  River Ridge Golf Course opened one year later in December, 1998.  62 acres of the former Chew Ranch fronting Chew Rd. still remains undeveloped, however the cattle is long gone.